Pre-registration for Fall 2015 runs from Monday 3/16 through Wednesday 4/1. Your advisor should have a sign-up sheet on his or her door. Sign up for an appointment soon.

You should arrive at your advisor’s office with a tentative schedule prepared. The dates when you can actually start registering for classes are:

  • Seniors (90 credits and up) — Monday, 3/16
  • Juniors (60-89 credits) — Thursday, 3/19
  • Sophomores (29-59 credits) — Tuesday, 3/24
  • Freshmen (1-28 credits) — Friday, 3/27

You should have met with your advisor to create a schedule before the date on which you can start registering.

You can see which classes are running by looking at

You can see descriptions of existing classes in the Undergraduate Course Catalogs.

If you are considering one of the Multimedia Communication classes that are too new to be in the Undergraduate Course Catalogs, talk to your advisor about the course description.